Wood shavings as animal bedding

Wood shavings have been a popular horse bedding for many years, and are often used for horses that suffer from respiratory disease, or those that tend to eat other types of bedding.

The quality of wood shavings varies greatly, particularly in respect of the dust content. Dust extracted shavings are the most popular as they are of a higher quality and have a low dust content. Low quality shavings, often a sawmill by-product, are not suitable for horse bedding as they can be contaminated with sharp splinters and other potentially dangerous waste.

Wood Shavings have proven to be satisfactory bedding providing comfort and ample absorbency

The brands of shaving with the largest flakes are usually produced from virgin wood and can have lower dust content. Wood shavings do provide excellent support for the horse’s hooves as they compact inside them.

Shavings are usually packed in polythene wrapped bales, making them easy to stack and store.

Wood shavings


Wood shavings on the pallet


Wood shavings properties

We source only naturally grown, certified and untreated Baltic Pine materials to preserve the biological qualities and properties of the trees grown in this still pristine environment.

Our custom made triple filtration system guarantees a dust-free end product. We start with untreated and slow grown spruce & fir, sourced from the natural Baltic pine forests. Kiln dried to ensure its free of pathogenic bacteria, and finally three stages of filtration to make sure almost a dust free final shaving.

* Bag size- 20 kg/44 lb, 800x400x300 mm, scatter volume ~ 300 l.

* Raw material- untreated spruce and fir.

* Dust level- <0,5 % by triple filtration.

* Moisture level- 12-14 %, absorbancy ~ 300 %.

* All material is kiln dried more than 5 days.

The pallets of wood shavings are ready to load


Packaging and logistics

Cargo type Pallet  measurements  length/width  mm Max pallet height mm Pack measurements height/width/lenght mm Max load on a pallet pcs. Pallets on cargo Units on cargo
120 m3 truck 1200*800 2500 800*300*400 27 38 1026
90 m3 truck 1200/800 2000 800*300*400 24 33 792
Pallet wide 40 foot container 1200/800 2000 800*300*400 24  33 792


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